Journey to the Cloud Using a Strategic Hybrid Multicloud Approach

Build a hybrid and multicloud strategy to accelerate your business agility, efficiency and time-to-market. We can help you to build a robust foundation to increase performance, lower latency and to deliver a highly available, cost-efficient and secure network platform.

As today’s world economy has gone digital or, more specifically, shifted to digital platforms, whether you're a multinational corporation implementing AI/ML, IoT and transferring large data sets for analytics around the globe, or a SaaS provider migrating from an all-public to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, you’ll benefit from access to a rich ecosystems of partners, suppliers and clouds available at Platform Equinix. You'll also benefit by extending your HQ data center across different regions to ensure maximum uptime availability of services at 99.9999% and faster application response times. Equinix has 210+ data center locations to serve your business needs—and the solutions, expert guidance and partner offerings to support your business requirements with the most exacting performance requirements and LAN-like connectivity to Clouds in the most efficient way.

Private Clouds:
When you build your private cloud at Equinix, the world's leading communications networks and technology providers are colocated with you. The unparalleled service provider, SaaS and CSP choice at Equinix lets you select and connect on demand to a customized portfolio of suppliers, partners and customers to meet the needs of your business. With Equinix, you not only get more options to enhance your enterprise data center, you also can reduce cloud connectivity and network traffic costs by 60% – 70% and lower latency by 30% *.

Public Clouds:
Equinix provides private access to public clouds: it's like getting your own fast lane on the highway to reduce traffic congestion fully dedicated to your business. If you'd like to establish low-cost, high-performance data links directly between your IT environment and your cloud provider's, there's no better place for it than Platform Equinix™ with private access to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud. We offer connections to the most cloud services in the data center industry. 2,900+ cloud and IT providers reside within our facilities.

Hybrid Clouds:
Imagine instead of being across the Internet, you could be right across the room from all of the world's leading cloud, SaaS and network providers. And with virtual connections on Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric, you gain all the benefits of the cloud without security concerns, Internet performance bottlenecks and the risk of vendor lock-in. Inside Equinix, you gain unmatched choice and flexibility to increase the value of your infrastructure building hybrid clouds

A hybrid multicloud strategy helps solve the exacting needs of your business for today and tomorrow’s challenges placing on-premises critical applications and information resources in close proximity to cloud workloads. Building on the right Platform brings digital technologies and business ecosystems together to innovate and create new value so when network performance and business agility matters, you can’t get any closer to the Clouds than at Equinix.

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*Forrester Consulting, “The Total Economic Impact™ of Equinix”
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