Together, Equinix and Google enable enterprises to realize their hybrid/multi-cloud strategy and increase their end customer satisfaction by localizing applications and services through interconnected ecosystems.

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When you build your digital business platform with Equinix, you dynamically interconnect with the world’s largest ecosystem of people, clouds, data and things. With 200 International Business Exchange™ IBX® data centers on 5 continents and 99.9999% global uptime, Platform Equinix™ gives you unparalleled access to 52 major markets and lets you reach every destination on demand.

With Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric™) you can directly, securely and dynamically connects distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems globally on Platform Equinix® . Establish data center-to-data center network connections on demand between any two ECX Fabric locations within a metro or globally via software-defined interconnection.

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Hybrid / Multi-cloud Modernization

  • Run infrastructure on-prem while you leverage the security and scalability of the cloud
  • Migrate on-prem or private cloud workloads to Google Cloud
  • Use GKE on-prem to manage Anthos in your datacenter
  • Equinix provides dedicated, private connections to Google Cloud for high-speed, low-latency performance
  • Compliance with data regulations require maintaining data locally while being used globally
  • Satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements by running cloud adjacent workloads in country at Equinix while taking advantage of advanced services from the Google Cloud

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