Equipping the enterprise to embrace digital transformation

Digital transformation is both a challenge and an opportunity for enterprise businesses. To overcome the challenges and grasp the opportunities, businesses need to put themselves at the heart of vibrant digital ecosystems, where they can leverage the power of interconnection. As digital transformation drives the distribution of services and controls closer to customers, employees, partners and ecosystems, 85% of enterprises are embracing multicloud1 for better agility, flexibility and performance. Equinix and Telstra have extended their partnership to help enterprises take control of their digital strategy by building a digital edge via a multicloud strategy.

Telstra’s proven extensive network coverage, implementation and consulting services empower businesses with a migration roadmap that best matches their divergent workloads to multiple clouds. To seamlessly and securely connect workloads to multiple clouds, the joint solution leverages Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric™) to directly, securely and dynamically connect distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems globally on Platform Equinix® via Telstra Programmable Network (TPN), a software-defined network.

Together, we’ve radically simplified cloud connection by focusing on a fully automated experience, drastically opening the connection possibilities visible to a user while ensuring that your business can privately, securely and directly exchange digital information with your customers, partners and providers irrespective of location, and deployed with a few clicks of a button.

What is TPN?

As the first global software defined network built on OpenFlow, Telstra Programmable Network (TPN) was designed to help businesses embrace digital transformation and quickly respond to customers and changing market dynamics with next generation agility, flexible consumption of services, and automated provisioning of network services. Today, TPN provides a growing range of network; security, cloud and application services that can be managed via a customer portal with a single unified view or customer systems interfaced via APIs.

Why Telstra and Equinix?

Through flexible consumption of services and automated provisioning, Telstra Programmable Network empowers organisations to embrace digital business, providing the agility to adapt to rapidly evolving business requirements and changing market dynamics. This is complimented by Platform Equinix which provides the critical interconnection between the industry’s largest ecosystems of service providers in key markets around the globe.

• Solve bigger problems for customers to reach everywhere
Expand in to new markets with ease. A single data centre provider with global coverage, combined with flexible, on-demand bandwidth between locations and cloud service providers.

• Cloud and network on-demand
Self-serve platform to manage connectivity into multiple connections, select bandwidth size and service term on demand. Data centre space can also be provisioned per demand.

• Secure connectivity in a few clicks
Secure, reliable bandwidth between data centres provisioned on the fly.

• Elastic connectivity with flexible charging
Real-time on-demand activation of bandwidth flows and bursts.

• Global reach: The Telstra international network and professional services paired with 200+ Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX®) data centres provide true global coverage to simplify expansion into new markets.

• Services: We partner with leading managed service providers and technology partners to solve business problems for end-customers. We help customers at every step of their transformation to digital business models.

• Clouds: We connect customers to more than 350+ cloud service providers through Platform Equinix. Telstra provides managed private and secure hybrid multicloud solutions at Equinix locations close to global cloud providers.

• Interconnection: The Telstra network is provisioned into the Equinix global interconnection platform, allowing companies to scale their digital business, keep pace with shifting markets and find new growth opportunities.

• Ecosystems: Equinix unlocks opportunity for Telstra to access a variety of ecosystems such as finance (capital markets, payments, and insurance), healthcare, content and digital media, cloud and IT Service Providers.

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