Breaking Down “Ripple Effect:” A Case Study on COVID-19 Safety Protocols, Advanced Workflows and Virtual Production.

This Digital Town Square is hosted by the Entertainment Technology Center@USC (ETC) and Equinix. They will dive into “Ripple Effect,” a recent production that leveraged Safetyviz as well as remote and virtual production to improve safety in the return to work.


Safetyviz: A Good Plan Comes Together with the Aid of Technology (30 minutes) Leveraging data to create a COVID-19 contingency plan to keep talent and crew safe.
Defining a Safety Plan: Practical Checklist and Considerations (10 min.)
Software, APIs and Metadata: Pipelines of the Virtual World (25 min.) Building virtual production pipelines, integrating current tools to support workflow and creating data continuity through API integrations and metadata aggregation.
Onset: Here Today, Remote Tomorrow (25 min.) How a full virtual production was accomplished while minimizing on-set crew, leveraging next-generation tools and using advanced data management with remote applications.
Into the Cloud We Go… (25 min.) Navigating the First Mile: Offering cloud-based editorial services on “Ripple Effect.”
Date: Thursday, November 19th
Time: 1:00 pm PST - 3:30 pm PST


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