Independent Report: Hybrid cloud through Equinix-based Performance Hub and AWS Direct Connect dramatically improved application performance

As enterprises shift mission-critical applications to the cloud, network speeds enabling applications to run at their peak potential are crucial to ensure productivity and customer satisfaction.

Principled Technologies, a leading provider of technology marketing and learning & development services, tested three hybrid-cloud connectivity scenarios to examine the impact on application performance in the following networking infrastructures:

- Internet service provider to AWS using public internet.
- Network service provider to AWS Direct Connect using private, dedicated fiber connection through Equinix; and
- Colocating the application storage and networking services in a Performance Hub located in an Equinix IBX data center, directly interconnected with AWS.

Order Processing

Reduce application wait times

Network wait times

The results were dramatic:

With the application services colocated at the Equinix-based Performance Hub, Principled Technologies:
- Demonstrated up to 48% increase in order-processing potential.
- Captured up to 41% improvement in application wait times compared to the public internet.
- Monitored reduction in average network wait times by up to 96%.

Partner with Equinix to optimize your hybrid cloud environment and drive application performance to new levels. Find out how you can capitalize the benefits of secure, private access to public clouds, such as AWS, through direct interconnection.

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Principled Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of technology marketing and learning & development services.

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