Helping you test and validate infrastructure and application designs

Equinix Solution Validation Centers can help you mitigate IT risks and make the most of your data center investments by testing complex deployments prior to roll-out. Located in strategic markets around the world, these centers are state-of-the-art technology proving grounds which help remove technical barriers and validate ROI. In the Equinix Solution Validation Centers, companies can:

  • Test technology stacks that support private, public and hybrid cloud deployments
  • Trial distributed architectures in a real-world production environment
  • Load and stress-test applications to measure how they perform when moved off legacy systems and onto new platforms
  • Derive key performance metrics on infrastructure components, network connections and applications
  • Experiment with techniques for overcoming technical barriers and performance bottlenecks so full-scale deployments meet business requirements and lower risks

If you’d like to speak to a Global Solutions Architect about the Solution Validation Center, please take a moment to share your contact information and we will contact you shortly.