Facilitating Cloud Agility without Compromise

Equinix and Tier 3 enable large and mid-size enterprises to move applications and services to the cloud by leveraging Tier 3’s enterprise-grade virtual private cloud. Optimized for production environments and mission-critical applications, Tier 3’s cloud platform is architected for security, risk mitigation and high availability – with a 99.999% SLA at all layers and disaster recovery in every deployment.

Increase your agility without compromise by securely extending your network into your own virtual private cloud. From communications to back-office and line-of-business applications, Tier 3 is ideal for running your business in the cloud.

Thanks to Platform Equinix, Tier 3’s enterprise-grade solution is now delivered with industry-leading geographic breadth, network density and application performance optimization.


  • Architected for the Enterprise – Secure, enterprise-class platform with QoS built in.
  • Architected for Risk Mitigation and High Availability – Business continuity included in every deployment.
  • Performance, Efficiency and Scale – Superior application performance at scale while optimizing resource efficiency at every layer of the cloud platform. 
  • Enabling Auto-Ops – Advanced automation of complex environments and routine IT operational tasks to enhance agility and optimize IT resources. Framework and OS agnostic.
  • Superior Customer Experience – Empowering customers with best-in-class control, transparency and management, coupled with highly responsive, expert support.
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Enterprise-grade Virtual Private Cloud
Highly Available, Secure and Agile

Equinix & Tier 3


Press Release:

March 27, 2012
Equinix and Tier 3 Partner to Accelerate Cloud Adoption in Enterprise
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Solution Brief:
Transforming Public Cloud Into A Virtual Private Environment
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Enhancing IT Agility with a Virtual Private Cloud: The Top 5 Questions You Need to Ask

Don't worry if you missed the live webinar recorded on April 12, 2012.  You can still learn from the cloud experts at VMware, Equinix, and Tier 3 about critical considerations you need to take into account in order to get the most from your virtual private cloud implementation.

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Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud
Highly Available, Secure and Agile

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