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Equinix & RightScale


Press Release:

February 28, 2012 - RightScale and Equinix Partnership Delivers New Cloud management Service for Private and Public Cloud Infrastructure
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An Easier Way to Manage Your Cloud

RightScale and Equinix have made it easier for IT organizations to deploy and manage hybrid cloud environments. A single, simple interface allows IT buyers to connect with the diverse and growing Equinix community of cloud service sellers for an unprecedented level of choice among premier cloud operators.


The cloud management tool is a bridge between your applications and your cloud infrastructure. The multi-cloud platform provides the ability to conveniently access your public, private, and hybrid cloud resources from one dashboard and API. The configuration framework provides intelligent cloud blueprints to configure and operate your servers in a dynamic and completely customizable fashion. The automation engine gives you the power to provision, monitor, scale, and manage entire server deployments efficiently and reliably. Governance controls allow you to keep watch over access, security, auditing, reporting, and budgeting through a "single pane of glass" view.


  • Use a single, simple user interface to connect your corporate IT resources to a variety of cloud services operators in real time – and improve visibility into and control over your cloud deployments.
  • Leverage Platform Equinix and the RightScale Multi-Cloud Marketplace for the maximum ease and the most choice in building out a hybrid cloud.
  • Obtain the flexibility and agility you need to achieve your performance, scalability, geography, and compliance goals.
  • Manage applications, not machine images, and achieve true resource elasticity and self-service.

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Simplifying Hybrid Cloud Management
Easily Build the Hybrid Cloud Environment You Need


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Join Ephraim Baron from Equinix along with Robert Shroll and Ryan Geyer from RightScale as they explain the advantages of building hybrid cloud deployments within Platform Equinix and give a live demonstration of two simple and compelling hybrid cloud use cases,